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stickmangames247.com, in any way, shape or form, claim any ownership to the characters, sounds, images, or anything else related to Stickman, XiaoXiao, Sift Heads and other characters. stickmangames247.com does not own the games on this web site, neither did we partake in developing them. All games are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective owners or authors. If you own the copyright to one of the games on this site and you do not agree with our policies, please contact us and we will remove it.stickmangames247.com is in no way affiliated with any of the creators of these games and/or the characters on this site. All media are deemed freely available on the internet. stickmangames247.com does not take responsibility for any of the content in the stickmangames247.com. We cannot be held liable for any physical or mental damage caused by playing games on this website. This site is for entertainment purposes only.
stickmangames247.com is intended for personal and non-profit use only.
stickmangames247.com offers no suggestion that the work presented on this web page is "official" or produced or sanctioned by the owner of the aforementioned trademarks.
stickmangames247.com is an unofficial Stickman fan-site.

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